Becoming Volanno: The Story Behind Our Rebrand

Posted June 8, 2018 by Dawn Amore

Volanno logo

Our Story
Fifteen years ago, IT WORKS started as a team of five coders working in a basement. Today, we’ve grown to a staff of 75+ delivering solutions to major transportation agencies. We’ve built and deployed groundbreaking systems that pushed technology to its limits. We tackled challenges that no one saw coming and have delivered results that no one else could. We have a mindset of “we deliver.”

Why the Rebrand?
We started as a technology company, but today it takes more than just technology to deliver great results. And when we reflect on the great results we delivered over the years, we realized that we’ve become much more than a technology company. We built a fabulous client base, a stellar staff, and a great reputation. Our success came not only from our ever-growing technical expertise, but also from the unique perspectives of our diverse teams and constant collaboration with our clients. We needed a new brand to reflect our maturity, growth, and evolution.

The Golden Circle
We knew we had to embark on this rebrand journey as a collaboration with all levels of our staff. We started with a series of creativity sessions involving different members of our team (new hires, 10+ year employees, baby boomers, millennials) to leverage their unique perspectives. This soul searching created an important opportunity to define who we are as a company.

We were inspired by Simon Sinek’s concept of “The Golden Circle” to focus on not just what we do, but why we do it. Sinek’s approach helped us articulate our intrinsic values, recommit to our purpose, and shape our vision for the future.

Our Vision: Volanno harnesses the combined power of technology and data with the relentless commitment of agile, high-performing teams to transform the transportation industry.

Coming up with the Name
In discussing how to visually represent our company, we envisioned ourselves as a flywheel. A flywheel harnesses kinetic energy and transforms it into a predictable, stable, and uninterruptible force. It delivers at rates beyond the ability of a continuous energy source. The word resonated with us because, in many ways, it’s a perfect metaphor for what we do as a company—we use our unique talents and unmatched commitment to deliver value to our customers and to each other. Volanno is derived from the Italian for “flywheel.”

Developing the Logo
The logo is a stylized version of a flywheel and represents our work in aviation, expansion to intercity rail, and then to local transportation. Check out the following video to see how our new logo reflects this progression.

What the Rebrand Means for You—Our Client
This rebrand process has become larger than a name change. It has become an opportunity to assess our strengths and focus our future. To that goal, we are strengthening our commitment to Agile transformation, using Scrum and other frameworks to deliver greater value, faster. We have created an Innovation Lab that focuses on new technologies to process and analyze data at scale. Our data science and research expansion will give us actionable insights into transportation operations.

While we are changing our name, what won’t change is our dedication to our clients and each other. Diversity, Agility, and Commitment are the core values that guide who we are as a company and how we support you, our client, in all of your business endeavors. We’ll continue to provide the same services and quality of work that we’ve built our reputation on. And we couldn’t be more excited to continue working with you as our story continues.

Welcome to Volanno.